Hi all! Can you guys relate? 1. You can actually have a long weekend by having Fridays off.  You can also have an extra-long weekend by having Fridays and Mondays off. But, you can’t get too excited as you will probably be doing homework on the days off anyway. And, when you are caught up…its a moment to […]

Safety is a topic that a lot of new students ask questions about. I’m hoping that this article will highlight all the great resources that York currently offers so that students and their families feel well prepared for the year ahead. Security Facts The first place we need to start is with the facts. Taken […]

When I was in my first and second year of undergrad these are the comments I always got. I thought the questions would stop once I’m an upper year student.  Except the questions don’t stop instead they change into a whole new set of inquiries. First and second year students can you relate? No.1 University […]

Adjusting to university isn’t only tricky for a student, it often is tricky for their family as well. Today’s post is going to point out some resources and tips to help minimize the difficulties of transition. Resource – Parents & Families Website York added a new website this year with the addition of the Parents […]

Hi all! This blog post is for all my fellow upper year university students from majors and minors in all discipline! There are some questions you just can’t escape from…can you relate? No.1 Since, you are about to graduate I hope you got some work experience. Thanks for your bright words of wisdom! No. 2 […]

How many days until classes start? Check out my custom counter! You can even bookmark it for easier access. That being said, school is really just around the corner, there are only 8 more weeks until classes start! At this point, most of you have probably already enrolled in courses, paid your deposit, applied for […]