My friends, The time has come to say goodbye. For the past two years I have been blogging away, first on Journey to the Centre of York, then on Pan Ambling. I’ve written guides, covered events and highlighted some of my favourite aspects of York — it’s going to be hard to leave after all […]

Accommodations What are accommodations? Think of them as helpful stepping stools for students with disabilities. Accommodations can be written standards or physical tools that bridge the gap between students with disabilities and what they need to accomplish for school. Accommodations are offered once you have disclosed your disability, submitted your medical documentation and have met with […]

Perfecting the art of studying at university can be quite the task. With all the reading and writing assignments we as students have to complete every week, it can be hard to keep up. York Lions are fortunate to have numerous services at our fingertips to help with anything from essay writing to research skills. Many Faculties […]

Welcome to the third blog in the Financing University 101 series. There is an important distinction that still needs to be covered, one that affects nearly 6,000 students at York. International students share many of the challenges that domestic students face, such as adjusting to first year, maintaining a strong GPA and accumulating experience to help build their […]

Hey everyone! Are you ready for Orientation Week? Even if you cannot attend all the events, York Orientation Day on Tuesday, September 8, is a must. If you haven’t already checked out the fun-filled schedule, you can do so by visiting the York U Orientation page. Many of you have approached my colleagues and me […]

Jacked, yolked, shredded, buff, built, swole, ripped, cut . . . Whichever way you choose to describe those soon-to-be-bulging biceps protruding from your one-size-too-small v-neck T-shirt, or your en route beach body guaranteed to literally drop seagulls out of the sky mid-flight, York is here to help. What “fitness” even really means is, to me […]