Are you interested in on-campus employment opportunities while studying at York? You’re not alone! At York, there are several on-campus employment programs including Work/Study, Research at York (RAY), College Life at York (CLAY) and York Engaged Students (YES). There are employment opportunities available for international students as well. Hi, my name is Clivane Previlon, and […]

York U is one of only three universities in Canada with a College system. Haven’t heard of the concept? Well, let me give you an overview… A college is an entity that allows you to make friends; get academic help, with services ranging from peer mentoring to workshops about what to do with your degree; and integrate […]

University is the perfect time to take advantage of the exchange and international opportunities available to you mainly at this time of your life. York offers all students the possibility to take part in an exchange program, and you will also have a variety of study-abroad opportunities such as international internships specific to your program. It doesn’t matter […]

Located in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, York University is, unsurprisingly, the home away from home for many (nearly 6,000) international students. Attending York means not only the chance to experience Toronto but also the opportunity to learn about other cultures through exchanges, internships and summer-abroad courses. You can even learn […]

When I was a student in high school, I remember dreading the very idea of summer school. I only went once, to upgrade a physics mark, but I just recall feeling like a failure, judged, because if I had just done well enough the first time I wouldn’t have had to give up part of […]

I have a confession to make: I am a third-year student, but I only recently discovered the various peer support services available here at York. As a Glendon student who works at Vanier College, I only knew of the peer mentorship programs offered at those two colleges! I was pleased to learn, however, that York […]