The period between a person’s late teens and early twenties often marks a tumultuous time. Most people are graduating high school and beginning university, coming face to face, sometimes rather harshly and quickly, with major life decisions. (What postsecondary institution are you attending? What are you going to study? Will your studies pay off in […]

Congratulations, future Lion(ess)! If you are reading this, you’ve most likely received an offer of admission and are flirting with the possibility of spending the next four years at York University. The excitement of receiving an acceptance letter is great, but it can momentarily wane when you realize the additional steps necessary to make your […]

In this YU Blog series, we’re tackling leadership to uncover just how diverse and accessible it can be, despite its sometimes forbidding reputation. If you like who we’re profiling today, check out our first installment from two weeks ago as well. Nadia Greco is a third-year English student who has contributed a lot of time and enthusiasm to […]

  As expected, Let’s Talk Day this past Wednesday, January 27, was a great success. As mentioned in my previous post, York had the pleasure of welcoming Asha, AJ, Aspen and Jazz, four therapy dogs from St. John’s Ambulance, onto the campus for impromptu de-stress sessions in Vari Hall and the Scott Library. In the […]

#YUTalks is a series of posts in which we chat with York University students about a specific theme. It allows us to take time out of our day to listen to what our peers have to say and hopefully walk away with a new perspective. Read our first installment! On this round, we discuss collaboration, […]

  Puppy Palooza.   That’s right. This Wednesday, January 27, York will welcome four very distinguished guests to Keele Campus. From 12-1:30pm, four therapy dogs — Jazz, Aspen, Asha and AJ — will be lending their presence to an initiative designed to help reduce stress among students, and to draw attention to the multiple ways in […]