One of the great things about living in a big city is that there is always something to do, and with the Pan Am Games coming to Toronto in July, this summer is certainly no different. Now, unless your life has been completely subsumed by new Game of Thrones episodes (which is certainly a possibility), […]

Hi friends, Welcome back to Pan Ambling. The Games are now less than two weeks away, so I thought it would be nice to build on your excitement by sharing some fun facts I’ve learned in my research so far this summer. Winter what now? The Pan American Games, much like the Olympics, happen every four years. […]

One of the biggest confusions with incoming students is OSAP. I’m hoping that with this guide you will have a better idea of what OSAP is, what’s required in applying, when you will get your funding, and much more. I’m also going to include some screenshots so if you haven’t applied yet, this should present […]

Introducing the Vari Reel Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight, fellow Yorkies! My name is Sam Elsley, I am a third-year student here at York, and should you find any of my contributions to the YU Blog this coming summer informative or insightful, I would like you to imagine me giving you a perfect, five-finger-on-five-finger […]

Hi friends, I hope you’ve been enjoying the first couple weeks of June. While summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21, as soon as I saw that fresh “1” on the calendar, I let my summer spirit fly free — I bet many of you can relate. With winter finally truly gone, it’s time to come out of […]

In a given month, there are as many events happening at York University as there are days. From workshops on how to transfer academe skills to the workplace, to free lunchtime concerts by York music students, to seminars on managing exam stress. Another example is safeTALK, a FREE, three-hour training session that prepares individuals to […]