Paying for university is one of the more stressful parts of postsecondary student life. To help minimize any anxiety related to money matters, I have created a new mini-series, Financing University 101. Check back often for a new post that will break down the financial side of attending university and offer useful tips, resources and more. Today’s […]

Tackling some of the most talked-about issues about starting life as a York U student. Even if you’re a commuter, there are tons of ways to make new friends.   Though York University is known for being one of the largest schools in Canada, it’s actually much easier to make friends here than you might think, […]

One-on-One Music Lessons Can Count for Credits This year I decided to take up a unique opportunity presented to me at York and learn an instrument. York has one of the largest fine arts faculties (called Schol of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design) in Canada, so when I found out that professor Irene Markoff (PhD in […]

Grabbing a bite to eat before, between and after classes will become a regular part of your routine as a university student. Whether you commute or live on residence, you will find plenty of great-tasting, affordable and healthy meal options across campus. From pizza to pitas, Thai to Italian, vegan, kosher, gluten-free and halal – […]

Another day, another great list of books to read! Today I thought I’d share with you some reading recommendations from current upper-year students at York. These are the books that changed them — their perspectives, their academic skill sets and quite possibly their futures. For four additional works I believe you should put on your reading […]

Adjusting to university life is no easy feat for many students, and that’s completely OK. The important thing is for students to know where they can find the resources to enhance their academic skill set. York offers many supports for current students, but for those high-school students who want to learn how to achieve success […]