Hi Readers! I know it’s only April but for us university students it’s already almost *summer* and so I thought I would do a post about some things you might want to do in your last summer before university. You’re going to have two months from graduation until orientation (frosh) week so you might as […]

You have heard many times that Summer School is great for fast tracking. I have met many students who distribute their course load over the year, and take advantage of summer school to lighten their course load. There are also students who choose to fast track their degrees. Well, let me just tell you from personal […]

Back in the fall, I wrote a blog post about the fabulous Frosh Week that I was a part of as a Frosh Boss. It was a great week! So many fun and crazy events like the rainy (yet awesome) football game, the boat cruise and many, many dance parties. Look back at that post […]

New immigrants face a lot of challenges in integrating into the Canadian corporate environment due to lack of Canadian work experience. Therefore, the Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals is an opportunity to get a Canadian education that will increase chances of employment. This training eventually creates successful transition into jobs that match their level […]

So you’re new and you’re feeling lost…. Check out my guide below to starting York University in the summer If you are a new student starting York University this May, then you have come to the right place to right place because I also started my very first semester at York University last May. Here […]

Hello readers! Today I thought I would make some year end reflections to see if I hit the goals I set for myself in September. Goal #1 – Be proud of my marks I do believe that I hit this goal, just not in the way I originally intended. This year turned out to be […]