Hey everyone! Are you ready for Orientation Week? Even if you cannot attend all the events, York Orientation Day on Tuesday, September 8, is a must. If you haven’t already checked out the fun-filled schedule, you can do so by visiting the York U Orientation page. Many of you have approached my colleagues and me […]

Jacked, yolked, shredded, buff, built, swole, ripped, cut . . . Whichever way you choose to describe those soon-to-be-bulging biceps protruding from your one-size-too-small v-neck T-shirt, or your en route beach body guaranteed to literally drop seagulls out of the sky mid-flight, York is here to help. What “fitness” even really means is, to me […]

It’s been a moment, but a while back we talked about the basics of financing university. I’d like to return to money matters once again, this time focusing on one of the simplest tools for managing your student financial status: the budget. Making a budget for yourself requires a little forethought and some elbow grease, […]

Orientation Week (or O-Week as it is informally called) is only a few weeks away, and it is one of the biggest events of the year! Orientation Week is a week of events filled with parties, trips, and educational sessions organized to welcome incoming students to York University. Every student is affiliated with a College, […]

The journey from your first to last year in university can seem to take a long time. Yet by many accounts, the years fly by! As an incoming student, you should know that what happens in the classroom matters just as much as what happens outside of it. Extracurriculars allow you to step out of your comfort […]

  The Games were off to an amazing start with a spectacular Opening Ceremony, and they continue to delight us with every new medal. Yesterday, my colleague Rebecca and I got the chance to see one of the most anticipated sports of the Parapan Am Games, women’s wheelchair basketball!     The game, Canada versus […]