The first day of university is in a lot of ways quite similar to the first day of your last year of high school. However, there are some obvious differences so read ahead to get a better idea of what to expect. Your First Day The  main similarity is that feeling of nervousness and not […]

“Games are a series of interesting decisions” – Sid Meier, most well known for Civilization. As a life-long gamer, I couldn’t help but notice the many ways that university is just like gaming. I find that it gives me some extra motivation if I tackle my university related problems from a gaming mindset instead of a stressed-student mindset. […]

Living on residence is a fun experience. There are also many advantages because you are immersed in your new environment.  If you are planning to live on residence for the first time then living in undergraduate residence is a different experience than living with your parents or your own apartment. Planning, smart-packing, and becoming cognizant […]

In my last article I highlighted Health Ed as one of the Top 10 Resources on Campus. Because Orientation is only a week away I thought I would focus this weeks post on Health Ed and what they really do. What is Health Ed? Health Ed is a multifaceted program. There are two professionals, Leah State […]

Orientation week known as O’week is the most important step to embracing the journey you are about to embark on for the next four years. It is super important that everyone attends orientation week because it is orientation that gives us a chance to understand our new environment. So yes, orientation week matters and it […]

In no particular order… #1 Us! Want to keep up with campus events, learn about more resources on campus, see some beautiful York photography and more? Check out our blog at every Monday-Thursday (and sometimes Friday)! If you aren’t sure what to expect check out our archive by going to our front page and using the browse button located […]