Using your YU card has many benefits. It is more than just a piece of identification with your photo on it. It also serves as a campus debit card. You can add money to it and make purchases on campus or access certain deals and discounts. Services you can access using the YUcard are Library, […]

York University is a big place. And when you first start here it can seem a bit daunting, overwhelming and too large for you liking. That is where the York College system comes in. The colleges provide a community within the larger York community, and it’s a great way to make friends, and access the […]

Good afternoon Readers! Today’s post is all about YOUR mental health and experiencing university. Mental health is one of the, if not the MOST important facet of yourself. We all come from different pasts with different life experiences and different biological builds. Some of us have had fleeting experiences with mental health crisis while others […]

As I get home from writing my first final exam, I am welcomed with a mound of textbooks staring at me. Yes, it is that time of the year when most students are thinking what to do with their textbooks. I finally sit down to relax with a hot coffee while checking my day’s e-mails, […]

Being organized during your time at school is one of the best ways to succeed academically, socially and still get enough sleep. Luckily there are a ton of ways that can help you keep on top of things.  In this post I will share the ways that I have found the most helpful during my […]

Get the sweet lowdown on where to buy, rent or sell used textbooks for university. Your wallet can thank me later. I can list so many reasons why you should consider finding used textbooks for university instead of buying new ones. For one, it’s cheaper than the regular price. Depending on the number of courses […]